Towards my Dreams

As a child I wanted to fly
Be like a star in the sky.
Youth dawned with aspirations anew
Towards my dreams onwards I flew.

Dealt with failure and basked in success
Learnt to survive in strife and stress.
Higher the post, more the duties
Made me aware of new responsibilities.

Came to know where my contemporaries stand
Some tried to topple some gave helping hand
Though the journey was sometimes ardous
It was satisfying and felt worth the efforts.

I climbed the ladder towards my dreams
Reached for the stars which now became mine
Nothing is difficult now it seems
In the light of wisdom, I rise and shine.

Praise-Just say Thank You

Compliments lift your spirits. However, I wonder why do we question whether we deserve them, why do we question the genuineness of the compliments, why do we have questions at all, why is it so difficult to accept compliments gracefully?

Once I complimented my friend for her quick thinking, whereupon she started giving explanations as to why she feels it was not a great thing. I wondered why she was not able to acknowledge the compliment. Did she think the compliment was fake, is it the inner feeling of inadequacy within her telling her she is not good enough to receive the compliment, did she feel she did not deserve the compliment in comparison with others? Hey, let us all let go of inferiority complexes and enjoy positive words coming our way. Each of us are unique, have good qualities and deserve to be complimented. 

As a Team leader, when I compliment my staff for their contribution and in return when they smile back, it gives me pleasure as well. Thus, the giver of compliments enjoy the goodwill as much as receiver of compliments and it is fun-fun situation for both. Belief in yourself is essential so as to be a good receiver of compliments, so next time you are complimented, please smile, nod and show your thankfulness and also don’t forget to likewise compliment others. When I am complimented, I feel it is something about me or what I have done which giver of compliment appreciates, and it is motivational and increases my confidence. So, if compliments are so beneficial shouldn’t I pass it on? What goes around comes around. Compliments are a reflection of giver’s goodness and spreads goodness all around.

Non-verbal compliments are just as effective as a verbal compliment. The look of appreciation, the pat on the back, clapping of hands, the thumbs up, letter of appreciation or even a simple wink of the eye, have same positive effect of lifting our spirits. It is desirable by all ages, from childhood to adult. It feels good so if you like this post please do compliment me 😂 Thank You.

Corona Fighters

My family consists of 6 members, mom, dad, husband, me and our 2 kids. Though Mom and dad are senior citizens, they are active and healthy. Upon the occurrence of Covid-19 pandemic, we took utmost care of not leaving home unless there is an exigency. If at all we had to go outside during an exigency, we used face masks, frequently washed hands, washed all the items/groceries properly, used sanitizers, etc. As such, when my husband got flu, we took it lightly, thinking it may be common cold and recovery will take place in a few days. However, as the fever was showing no signs of going away, we visited the family Doctor, who told hubby to take Covid-19 test, whereupon he turned out to be Covid-19 positive. To confirm other family members are fine, we all took the test and guess what, all except me turned out to be Covid-19 positive. So I was surprised, stunned and went into action mode to protect my family. It is natural to be worried, anxious and have depressing negative thoughts. But hey guys, the best way to beat your enemy is by facing them, and by not wallowing in self-pity, fear and anxiety. So the first course of action taken by me was consulting the Doctor, who recommended taking HRCT Scan for checking the effect of the Corona virus on the lungs. HRCT scans(High-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) is a type of computed tomography (CT) with specific techniques to enhance image resolution. It is used in the diagnosis of various health problems, though most commonly for lung disease, by assessing the lung parenchyma. The cost of the HRCT Scan was approximately Rs.5000/-. Friends, though the price is high, I highly request Covid-19 positive people to undergo the HRCT scan to ascertain how much lungs have been affected by the virus, as once lungs get severely affected, blood flow in the body and breathing gets profusely affected leading to complications and sometimes even death. Luckily for us, husband and parents were only mildly affected in the lungs. Immediately on receipt of HRCT Scan report, they were hospitalised. and Children were home quarantined. During the process, we followed all the instructions of Doctors/government agencies and took medicines in time, took ample rest, maintained social distancing, took steam, drank warm water etc. In the fight against Covid-19, time is of essence and having taken treatment in timeall my family members recovered. From my experience of fighting with Covid-19, it came to light that any symptoms of ill-health howsoever slight should be taken seriously and Covid-19 test is to be taken immediately. Detection of the disease at the outset empowers us so that it is we who act on Corona and not Corona who acts on us. Timely we deal, sooner we heal.

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